My customer wanted to create a video to be displayed in his company entrance hall and in the boardrooms.

    This would provide legitimacy & offer the necessary piece of mind his potential clients might require, while waiting in the reception or boardroom.

    My customer also started to use the video after a sales presentation to run in the background while they discuss detail.

    Video - R11 700 all inclusive

    18hours @ R650 per hour

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    My customer had testimonial letters from customers that we had blow some life into.

    We did it with voice overs, online videos and images that were found on the internet

    Video - R14 300 all inclusive

    22hours @ R650 per hour

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    Supersport Park needed a invitational video that that was exiting and created a desire to attend. Here we used the drone to get some nice footage of Supersport Park. See for yourselves if this was achieved.

    Video - R35 750 all inclusive

    55 hours @ R650 per hour

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    At this time my customer was all about video. He reasoned that the video was a direct result for explaining why they had had such a fantastic response from the previous show.

    This time he wanted to go bigger and better.

    The screen size was approximately 5.5m x 4m with sound. The video is ten minutes long showcasing my customer as a complete solutions provider.

    Due to the fact that there was a life size sales person appearing on these plasma screens, that was constantly selling the company as a solutions provider, it made it exceptionally exciting!

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    Our customer wanted to make a statement. This was their first year at MyBroadband and they wanted to make sure they are noticed. They received the nomination of the best stand competing with Telkom, Neotel and BCX.

    Stand rental, setup and removal - R85 000

    Plasma screen rental 4x4 on each side with 4 sides including sound - R54000

    Video - R42 500

    65 hours @ R650 an hour

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    Have you listened when sales staff gave a presentation on your company?

    Video has 800% more impact than any other form of presentation.

    In this scenario the customer wanted to make sure all elements of the company were covered.

    Sales people use this video as their launch pad to break down the defence system and preconceived ideas of potential customers.

    With a video like this you ensure your company's legitimacy and you ensure that you have the best possible chance to outmanoeuvre your competitors.

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